Rumble Extends $100 Million Offer to Joe Rogan Amid Spotify Cancellations

Rumble Extends $100 Million Offer to Joe Rogan Amid Spotify Cancellations

( – Rumble, a Spotify competitor, offered Joe Rogan $100 million to bring his podcast over to its video-hosting platform to continue his show without restrictions or censorship. The offer comes on the heels of his show’s controversy about alleged COVID-19 misinformation and past racial slurs on the air.

On February 7, Rumble stated listeners don’t want to hear censored programs but “real conversations,” which will likely include differences of opinion. The company believes the raw platform Rogan provides improves the world by hitting topics differently.

Although “The Joe Rogan Experience” is still on Spotify for the same contract amount, the broadcasting platform added warnings to some podcasts and censored some episodes.

The podcasting problems began for Rogan after his release at the end of December 2021, which included conversations with Dr. Robert Malone about COVID-19. He talked about the same information that led to his ban on Twitter, and shortly after the episode aired, hundreds of medical professionals complained. The outcry and subsequent artist exits from the platform prompted Spotify to change its approach to Rogan’s program.

Since the groups were unsuccessful in removing the podcaster altogether, it appears they decided to dig through old episodes looking for reasons to censor or cancel the host.

Rogan has not yet taken up Rumble on its offer.

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