Rudy Giuliani Sparks Controversy With 9/11 Comments

Rudy Giuliani Sparks Controversy With 9/11 Comments

9/11 Was The “Greatest Day” Of Rudy Giuliani’s Life

( – Recently, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke with Newsmax about the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which he referred to partially as “the greatest day of [his] life”. These comments amounted to controversy and criticism on social media and beyond.

The former politician played a pivotal role in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in the Big Apple, when he helped unite and lead New Yorkers as the world rallied around them. In fact, many referred to him at the time as “America’s mayor” for his stellar performance after the incident.

Although Giuliani remarked the tragic day was also the worst day of his life, the fact that he then turned around and hinted that it was a great day rubbed people the wrong way.

Some Americans were outraged by the comment, saying the attorney should “never be allowed” to publicly talk about 9/11 again and calling him a “traitor.”

Another Twitter user reacted to the former mayor’s words, saying people always show their true colors sooner or later.

Giuliani described his feelings as “complex” before going on to discuss how much the attack was a shock aimed at killing “innocent people.” Some citizens came to his defense, saying they understood what he was trying to say, but he chose the wrong words.

What do you think about the former NYC leader’s comment? Do you feel the backlash was warranted?

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