Ron DeSantis Stands Up Against Cruise Restrictions

Ron DeSantis Threatens to Sue Biden Administration for Banning Cruise Ships

( – When the country started shutting down last March, the cruise industry came to a halt and heavily impacted Florida’s economy. According to Fox News, the state’s economy lost $3.2 billion, 49,500 jobs, and $2.3 billion in wages in the first 6 months. Now, more than a year later, ships are still not sailing from the Sunshine State’s ports, and Governor Ron DeSantis is threatening to take action.

On March 26, DeSantis said the CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order is outdated, and he threatened to sue if ships were not allowed to sail by summer. The order is preventing cruise ships from sailing until at least November 2021. The governor explained that the industry is “essential” to Florida’s economy, and keeping it shutdown is hurting the people who “rely on cruise lines” to survive. State Attorney General Ashley Moody said the mandate is “federal overreach.”

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is also asking the federal government to lift the ban.

The CDC has not responded to DeSantis’ demands. However, the Miami Herald reported the agency has previously stated the ban will remain in effect until November.

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