Ron DeSantis, Others to Allow Unemployment Benefits for Unvaccinated

Ron DeSantis, Others to Allow Unemployment Benefits for Unvaccinated

( – Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and leaders in three other states such as Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee altered unemployment insurance rules to allow the people within their states terminated due to failing to comply with inoculation mandates to collect pay benefits as they search for a different job.

Considering Christmas is right around the corner, this is great news for those standing up for their personal medical choices. The court blocked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) COVID-19 vaccination rules for private businesses with over 100 employees as of November. It’s up to the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit to decide whether to uphold the block or let the mandate proceed.

Unemployment benefits are typically available to people who lose their jobs or have reduced hours because of something outside of their control. That insurance perk doesn’t normally apply to employees who choose not to comply with vaccine mandates and find themselves without work.

It seems the governors in the conservative states are trying to get ahead of the decision. Unlike California and New York, where the unvaccinated who lose their jobs will not have access to unemployment, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee employees will be able to keep their freedom of choice and pay intact, regardless of the court’s judgment.

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