Ron DeSantis MEETS With Joe Biden – Update What Happened In Florida

Biden and DeSantis Meet in Florida Post Hurricane

Biden and DeSantis Meet in Florida Post Hurricane

( – On October 5, President Joe Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) met in Florida to tour the devastated areas left by Hurricane Ian — a strong Category 4 storm that wreaked havoc in late September. The president praised the governor for his response following the natural disaster, saying he had done a good job so far and this wasn’t a time for politics. While he admitted the two don’t see eye to eye politically, Biden remarked the pair had only one job at this time — to ensure Floridians get what they “need to fully recover.”

Both political leaders indicated they worked together even before the storm hit the shore, allocating “federal resources” and readying local, state, and emergency personnel. Their coordinated effort made a quick response to the tragedy possible. DeSantis said Florida was lucky to have “good coordination” between Washington, DC, and FEMA from the start.

The leader of The Sunshine State welcomed the president upon arrival, thanking him for his help. Biden responded by saying, “We’re in this together.”

The commander in chief and DeSantis toured Fort Myers, one of the hardest hit areas — a place where rebuilding will likely take years. Federal aid allocated to recovery in Florida includes $13 billion to restore its infrastructure over the next five years.

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