Rollercoaster Malfunction Leaves Riders Hanging Upside Down for 30 Minutes

( – Eleven-year-old Spencer Parkhouse was left traumatized after his very first ride on a big roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland theme park on September 23. The boy and his 15-year-old sister Mackenzie were among a group of riders on the Lumberjack swinging axe when it suddenly stopped at the top while they were upside down. Spencer Parkhouse said he recalled seeing another passenger vomit as they waited for the ride to be fixed. His sister said that she is now “scared to go on them,” when debating whether she would get on another big ride the next time she comes back to the park.

Riders were stuck upside down from 10:40 p.m. until 11:05 p.m. after officials from the park were able to restart the Lumberjack. However, the ride had to finish its cycle, leaving the Parkhouse siblings and other passengers fearful that it would stop again. Many riders complained that their legs went numb while waiting. All riders were checked for injuries before being released, and officials asked if anyone had passed out or vomited. Two people were taken to the health center at the park to be examined after complaining of chest pains but were released shortly after.

The park released a statement saying, “The safety of our guests is always our first priority,” adding that first aid staffers checked each rider before they were allowed to continue their activities in the park. The Lumberjack ride has been in operation since 2018 and goes 75 feet into the air. The two pendulum axes go in a full circle during the ride, with riders seated facing toward each other. Officials from the park kept the ride closed the following day to investigate why the roller coaster suddenly stopped.

Just last month, passengers had to be rescued from a 205-foot-tall roller coaster at Cedar Point theme park in Ohio when it suddenly stopped at the very top. Riders were taken down a set of stairs alongside the roller coaster. Regulations for roller coasters are put into place at the state level, with inspections conducted using the guidelines recommended by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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