Roger Stone Warned Trump About Ron DeSantis

( – Former President Trump may have more enemies than he can count, but he certainly enjoys the loyalty of a few very close allies who will never turn their backs on him. Roger Stone is one of those allies, despite the turmoil that he likely endured due to his mere association with the former president. Stone has been outspoken in his criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and on July 13, he reminded his Twitter followers that he was early to the game with his opinion of the 2024 presidential candidate. Back in April 2022, Stone gave former President Trump a warning during an event, leaning in to tell him that “Ron DeSantis is a piece of sh*t.”

Stone captioned the tweet “History in the making,” patting himself on the back for accurately predicting that the DeSantis would turn against Trump, as his warning came over a year before he announced he would challenge the 45th President in the 2024 primary election. On June 14, Stone said that DeSantis “has no future in the MAGA movement,” when sharing an opinion piece from The Hill that recommended he drop out and try again in 2028. Many voters agree with Stone’s assertion, as they see his decision to challenge the clear frontrunner as a betrayal, especially since he ran a MAGA campaign for governor and benefitted from former President Trump’s endorsement.

DeSantis’ struggling campaign appears to be losing the support of the Murdoch-owned media outlets, with Fox News journalists questioning his ability to pull out a victory and New York Post journalists critiquing his choice of attacks on former President Trump. On June 23, NYP reported that DeSantis’ ticket prices for a fundraiser in the Hamptons had been cut in half, with guests now able to buy tickets for $3,300 instead of $6,600. His campaign also recently shifted funds from his 2022 re-election campaign to his presidential campaign coffers, which many see as a signal that he is struggling to keep up with his fundraising goals.

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