Robert Kennedy Jr. Sets Polling Record

( – Although the mainstream media continuously repeats that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign against President Joe Biden will be unsuccessful, a recent poll shows him to be the most favorable candidate overall, including among all Republican candidates. He is currently polling in the teens for the Democratic primary election, but a new Economist/YouGov poll shows him with a 19-point net favorability rating, with 49% of the 1,500 respondents having a positive view of Kennedy, while 30% view him negatively.

The other candidates did not fare well in the poll. President Joe Biden earned a net favorability of -7%, with 52% of respondents holding a negative view of him. Former President Trump did slightly worse, with a -10% net, and 53% holding negative views of him. While those numbers seem grim, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie earned the title of the most negatively viewed candidate, coming in at -24%, with former Vice President Mike Pence doing slightly better than him at -17%.

Marianne Williamson, the other Democrat primary candidate, earned a -5% net favorability. The only other candidate in the race who received a positive net favorability rating was Vivek Ramaswamy at +7%. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley did the best out of the net negative candidates, with just a -1% favorability. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in at -5%. Overall, Kennedy is viewed 12% more positively than any other candidate in the race, which is certainly a statistic to add to his campaign messaging.

President Biden leads Kennedy by a wide margin, and the Democratic National Committee has no plans to hold debates. Unfortunately for Kennedy, this decision is typical for the Party that has the incumbent President, so he will have to find ways to make up for the lack of debates. The scandal surrounding the Biden family could have an impact on President Biden’s candidacy, with Republicans who are investigating their business dealings revealing new information quite frequently.

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