Robert Kennedy Jr. Launching Campaign for Presidency

Robert Kennedy Jr. Announces Run for 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary

( – After a slow start, Democrat candidates are finally announcing their intentions to challenge President Biden, although Biden himself has not yet announced that he will be seeking a second term. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced on April 5th, 2023, that he will officially launch his candidacy later in the month, with his campaign already filing the required paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission. Kennedy is an attorney who mostly takes on high-profile cases against pharma companies but is also known for being the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, who was also assassinated in 1963.

Kennedy announced his intention to run during an event at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, stating that his wife has approved of the decision, which he claimed was “the biggest hurdle” he will have to cross. Kennedy has been very critical of the decisions made by the Biden administration and the Democrat National Committee, especially their decision to change the first Democratic Primary Election to South Carolina instead of New Hampshire. Kennedy stated that those “four electoral votes could decide the 2024 election,” as New Hampshire’s votes are oftentimes split between the Democrat and Republican candidates.

The Democrats claimed to be searching for more diversity by switching the first primary to South Carolina, but Kennedy disagrees, expressing his belief that diversity is widespread in New Hampshire. He has faced criticism from his side of the aisle for a number of his more controversial stances, and even had one of his groups suspended by Instagram and Facebook at one point for misinformation.

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