Right-Wing Wins: Biden’s New Threat, Trump’s Victory

(LibertySociety.com) – The triumph of far-right parties in the European Union elections has been a watershed moment. The victories have shaken up member states’ administrations and left mainstream factions at a crossroads.

With the most seats held by her center-right European People’s Party (EPP), European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared victory. The National Rally of Marine Le Pen and other far-right, “Euroskeptic,” populist groups also secured a victory, which led French President Emmanuel Macron to unexpectedly call for snap elections.

The Greens in Germany and the Liberals in France have taken a major hit, and it seems like a mainstream centrist coalition will have a harder time deciding how Europe will go in the next five years, which might compromise important EU initiatives like the Green Deal.

The National Rally party, run by far-right politician Marine Le Pen, received more than twice as many votes as President Emmanuel Macron’s moderate party in this past weekend’s French election. To try to determine if the loss was specific to the European Parliament elections or if it reflected a genuine shift in the French public, Macron wasted no time in dissolving parliament and holding hasty national elections later in June with runoffs in July.

Extremists on the right have gained ground in Europe, especially in countries like Italy and Germany, where there is growing opposition to globalization and mass migration. 

In recent years, Trump has taken pride in conservative and populist successes on a global scale. He has repeatedly said that a movement centered around him is gaining momentum; it’s called the MAGA-Trump movement.

John Kampfner of Foreign Policy magazine and other globalist sympathizers have cautioned that the upcoming 2024 elections for the European Parliament and other global bodies may represent a global backlash against globalism and a rise of more populist, nationalist parties and leaders. If these pockets of populism gain momentum, the right could emerge as the leading ideological bloc across Europe. And if Trump wins the presidency in 2024, this could shape the tone of the entire Western Hemisphere.

In an op-ed piece, The New York Times raised warning flags for Democrats, pointing out that the far-right’s strong showing would impact even the US, where it would likely inspire similar political groups dedicated to Trump’s reelection campaign.

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