RI Governor To Sign Bill Making Guns and Ammo Illegal for Anyone Under 21

RI Governor To Sign Bill Making Guns and Ammo Illegal for Anyone Under 21

Democrat-Led State Approves Stricter Weapons Ban  — SCOTUS May Challenge It 

(LibertySociety.com) – The Rhode Island Senate and House passed a bill to ban gun sales to anyone under 21 years old in the state, and the governor is ready to sign. State Senate Majority Whip Maryellen Goodwin (D) sponsored the Senate gun bill, while state Representative Teresa Tanzi (D) penned a House version of the same measure. Some say the Supreme Court is sure to down the initiative.

People under 21 are already prohibited from purchasing handguns in the Ocean State, but current law allows them to buy shotguns and rifles. Tanzi said the move is simply updating existing law. When the original statute was passed in 1959, only the military had access to weapons like the AR-15.

Goodwin stated people under 21 have under-developed brains, so they should not have access to lethal weapons. He stated it’s “common sense” to prohibit gun sales for those who can’t even legally buy alcohol or cigarettes.

The press release also noted that out of the nine deadly mass shootings since 2018, six were perpetrated by legal adults under 21.

Considering the US Congress has not raised the gun sale age to match, do you think Rhode Island should forge ahead with the measure? If it’s signed into law, do you think the Supreme Court will strike it down?

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