RFK Jr. Meets Signature Threshold to Make Utah Ballot

(LibertySociety.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. certainly created a stir when he decided to run as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Abandoning the Democratic Party may have been the easiest part of his decision, but getting ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia will likely be one of his toughest feats. Kennedy’s first victory came in Utah on December 28 when CBS News confirmed with the Salt Lake County clerk’s office that he had garnered enough signatures to be included on the general election ballot.

His win did not come without a lawsuit against Utah’s Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson and the Director of Elections. Kennedy argued that the state’s January 8 ballot access deadline for unaffiliated candidates was “clearly unconstitutional.” Kennedy’s argument was justified by the fact that unaffiliated candidates only participate in the general election, which is not until November. Just three days after filing the lawsuit, Henderson announced that the deadline would be changed to March 5. In a statement, Henderson wrote that the change was made “in the spirit of affording every reasonable opportunity” for unaffiliated candidate participation.

With those hurdles cleared, Kennedy now must officially file as an unaffiliated candidate in the state and pay the $500 filing fee. While gaining ballot access in other states may not require a lawsuit, Kennedy said that he is prepared for any legal challenges that come his way. Requirements for ballot access for unaffiliated candidates are unique to each state, but his campaign manager said that gaining access would be a primary focus of his campaign.

Kennedy and his American Values 2024 Super PAC are prepared to spend up to $15 million on ballot access efforts in just 10 states, including California, Texas, and New York. Democrats and Republicans often argue over which candidate Kennedy would likely pull votes from, and various polls have shown mixed results. A recent Quinnipiac nationwide poll showed that Kennedy’s name on the ballot would result in a loss for former President Trump.

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