RFK Jr. Justifies Federal Wiretaps of MLK Jr.

(LibertySociety.com) – Independent 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. weighed in on the FBI’s surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. during a January 14 interview with Politico. Kennedy’s father, Robert Kennedy, was the Attorney General of the United States during the John F. Kennedy administration when FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover demanded permission to wiretap King. Kennedy told Politico that Hoover was “out to destroy Martin Luther King.” He argued that his father allowed Hoover to surveil King “so he could prove that his suspicions about King were either right or wrong.”

Kennedy’s decision to run as an independent has some Democrats worried, although it is unclear who he would pull the most votes from. Some Democrats have taken shots at Kennedy, claiming that he is only pretending to be a Democrat to get former President Trump re-elected. While many of Kennedy’s policies are populist policies and similar to Trump’s, he has been a Democrat his entire life. He has criticized the Democratic Party for its actions regarding primary locations and the refusal to hold debates, although the incumbent party typically does not hold primary debates.

Kennedy has also faced media scrutiny for his stance on certain vaccinations, prompting outlets to label him as “anti-vax.” However, he has gained support from independent and younger voters. Some surveys have shown that he has caught the attention of black voters. It is unclear if his comments about King will affect his support in either direction. Kennedy campaigned across the state of North Carolina on the weekend of January 12. He hopes to sway voters who are not thrilled about a rematch between Trump and Biden.

Kennedy’s platform focuses on ending forever wars, improving the environment and the overall health of Americans, and recreating a true middle class. He also believes that he can curb the division in the country and reunite Americans. He will make campaign stops in Georgia, Hawaii, and West Virginia this month. His biggest feat will be getting access to the ballot in all 50 states.

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