RFK Jr. Explains Why He Isn’t Anti-Gun

(LibertySociety.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is catching the attention of an increasing number of voters with his traditionalist Democratic views, and his latest stance on guns will certainly draw in more Democrat and Independent voters who are not on board with the radical gun control views of the Biden administration. Most importantly, Kennedy signaled that he would not be a president who calls for gun control measures after a tragic mass shooting, but instead wants to get to the cause of the problem.

Kennedy spoke about the controversial topic at a Town Hall event in New Hampshire, which is an early primary election state. He spent a good portion of his gun discussion talking about school shootings, referencing the 2022 Supreme Court ruling on the Bruen case which affirmed that the right to carry a gun outside the home is protected under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. He told the crowd that the people who claim that taking away guns will solve the problem are not being honest, as doing so will not make a difference.

He went on to describe how the rhetoric from the Democrat Party about taking guns away has caused polarization in the nation, as guns are part of the culture of millions of Americans. He said that he believes in gun control but has no plans to try and take weapons away from law-abiding citizens, telling the audience that he thinks it is important to be realistic about why mass shootings are increasing. Kennedy said that “something has changed in this country,” adding that “It’s not the guns, we’ve always had guns.” He compared the United States with Switzerland, which has similar gun rights as the United States, noting that they do not have school shootings there.

He also raised the issue of psychiatric medications that an increasing number of children are prescribed, explaining that the side effects of taking those types of drugs include thoughts of homicide and suicide. He told the audience that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) should be conducting studies on the matter, but it is afraid to question the pharmaceutical industry. The latest polls show Kennedy between the upper single digits to mid-teens, indicating that there are Democrat voters who are looking for something different.

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