Republicans Want Answers as White House Shifts Stance on Hunter Biden

( – Over the last several years, presidential candidate and now President Biden has denied that he knew about or was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. But as more evidence has been released over the last several months, the messaging from President Biden and his administration has changed.

House Republicans have taken notice and are demanding answers from the White House Counsel. With media pushback nearly nonexistent, President Biden has not had to answer to anyone, aside from his random shouts of “NO” in response to the media asking one question regarding the matter.

Representatives Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Jason Smith, R-Mo., and James Comer, R-Ky., have sent a letter to the White House Counsel, seeking a response to many questions that they believe the American people deserve to know. In the letter, the Republican leaders wrote about the shift in the wording of statements released by the White House, as Biden’s spokespeople have gone from saying that President Biden was unaware of any of the details and never had any discussions with Hunter Biden about his businesses, to a June 29 statement that claimed, “As we have said many times before, the president was not in business with his son.”

The Republicans are seeking clarification from President Biden, asking if he is changing the White House’s official messaging to admit that he knew about Hunter Biden’s business affairs. They want to know the number of deals that President Biden had knowledge of, as well as his level of involvement and any payments he received from Hunter Biden’s deals. They pointed out how the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden has been unable to find any legitimate work that was provided by Hunter Biden to receive such large sums of money from various companies in foreign countries.

The Republican critics believe these facts raise “significant concerns pertaining to ethics and national security laws.” They included the text message between Hunter Biden and a Chinese businessman in the letter. In this text exchange, Hunter Biden claims to be sitting with his father while demanding the businessman he is messaing follow through with his “commitment.” So far, the White House has not provided a response to the letter.

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