Republicans Promise To Make Jan 6 Committee Pay

Republicans Promise To Make Jan 6 Committee Pay

Republicans Vow Revenge Against Jan 6 Committee “Witch Hunters”

( – In response to the televised January 6 hearings, many Republicans are planning to investigate the committees’ work, issue subpoenas for records, and look into expenditures used by the group. Of course, this action assumes the GOP wins the majority in November. Starting in the month of June, the heavily Democratic but bipartisan committee has been holding televised hearings to show its findings to the public. However, the Right thinks the group is controlling the narrative and is prepared to dig into the details to identify what really happened that day.

On July 6, Axios reported Republicans have been planning to issue a slew of subpoenas partially in retaliation for the ones levied on various congressional Conservatives throughout the January 6 probe. The hearings have framed former President Donald Trump and many others from the Republican party in an unfavorable light, a move many believe is a calculated attempt to control public perception and to hurt his chances for a POTUS run in 2024.

Some Conservatives say some of the testimonies given during the hearings are outright lies, like that of former aid Cassidy Hutchinson, and they want to “identify the truth.”

If Republicans take control of the House in 2022, do you think they should look at all the so-called evidence to verify the findings of the committee?

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