Republicans Are STRIPPING Democrats Of Their Most Important Weapon

Republicans Gained With Almost Every Demographic, Including Muslims: Poll

Republicans Gained With Almost Every Demographic, Including Muslims: Poll

( – On November 14, the Wall Street Journal reported the Associated Press surveyed about 115,000 voters after the election and noticed a shift in demographics for Republicans. With much of the US talking about the absence of the predicted “Red Wave” during the midterm elections, there’s a lot on the table for discussion.

According to the poll, 22% of black voters aged 18 to 44 shifted toward the GOP, with 18% of Hispanics in the same age group moving in the same direction. Also, the majority of Muslims and Jewish people voted Democrat, but their numbers showed a move toward the Republican Party by 11% and 7%, respectively.

Trends can give researchers a hint of the direction of the country and, looking at the WSJ’s assessment, it appears many are turning away from the Democratic Party. White women also shifted more toward the GOP in every age group, as did white men. In fact, the survey only shows one demographic moving bluer — the very liberal population, which is not surprising.

As for the Muslim movement, former Republican Michigan House candidate, Hassan Nehme, said “with time and effort,” he’s confident members of his community with “shift in greater numbers.”

What will the future demographics look like for the GOP? Only time will tell. What do you think?

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