Republican Says Church and State Shouldn’t Be Separate

Republican Says Church and State Shouldn't Be Separate

Fringe Republican Candidate States Church And State Shouldn’t Be Separate Under US Constitution

( – On June 26, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) spoke to a crowd at the Cornerstone Christian Center in the small town of Basalt, Colorado, telling them she doesn’t believe in the separation between church and state. In fact, she thinks the church should “direct the government,” not the other way around because that’s what the Founding Fathers wanted.

Boebert told the congregation she was tired of everyone pushing the argument for the split between the government and the church, dismissing the idea as just something written in a “stinking letter” and not in the US Constitution. The document she was referring to was one written by former President and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.

Some experts say the Colorado lawmaker’s viewpoint could be debated. However, retired Constitutional Law Professor Richard Collins said there is legal precedent to support the separation.

Americans United, which specializes in the division between church and state, disagreed with Boebert’s assessment and dismissed her argument.

The representative’s words come at a time when many believe the Supreme Court is blurring the line separating the government from the church, accusing conservative justices of using faith to guide some recent decisions.

Do you believe the Founding Fathers wanted a separation between religion and the government when forming the United States of America?

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