Republican Lawmaker Rebukes Remarks by Mexican President

Republican Lawmaker Rebukes Remarks by Mexican President

( – Jason Smith, R-Mo., who chairs the Ways and Means Committee, visited Mexico with a delegation of Republicans and Democrats to meet with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico to discuss compliance with the USMCA. The USMCA is the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada that was drafted and signed during the Trump administration. The fentanyl crisis at the southern border and the safety of American and Mexican citizens was also discussed during the visit.

This week, Representative Smith condemned statements from the Mexican president. Obrador recently warned that the country might start encouraging Hispanics not to vote for Republicans after some GOP lawmakers called for action against drug cartels. Senator Lindsey Graham, R S.C., in particular, suggested labeling cartels terrorist organizations and taking military action within Mexico to destroy drug labs. Rep. Smith rebuked President Obrador’s comments in a statement, saying that they “undermine our shared goals of promoting safety and encouraging peaceful trade between our nations” and adding that the comments were unacceptable.

President Obrador recently denied that fentanyl was manufactured in Mexico and stated that Mexican people do not use fentanyl, calling on America to “take care of their problem of social decay.” He completely rejected the idea of the use of the American military in a sovereign country, calling it offensive to even suggest. Representative Smith also spoke of the recent kidnapping of four Americans in Mexico, expressing his appreciation to President Obrador for the cooperation with American authorities to bring justice for the victims.

Recently, Mexico has proposed a ban on genetically modified corn that comes from the United states, which would not be in compliance with the USMCA. This prompted the visit from Rep. Smith and the other lawmakers. Billions of dollars could potentially be lost due to this decision according to White House officials, who have also called for biotech to be treated the same as other crops. In his statement, Rep. Smith spoke of American farmers and their reliance on Mexico to purchase their crops, citing the significance of the USA-Mexico relationship. He also conveyed his appreciation to President Obrador for meeting with the delegation.

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