Republican Governor Supports All-Mail Elections

Republican Governor Supports All-Mail Elections

( – Governor Phil Scott (R-VT) wrote a letter to his state legislators this week encouraging them to expand mail-in voting for all elections in Vermont.

The move was completely opposite from the vast majority of the Republican party, who have been working hard to limit the voting method in the interest of making elections more secure. Scott sees the expansion as an opportunity to increase voter turnout for primary and local elections, which usually don’t have as much enthusiasm as general elections.

Although Vermont is among the top states in voter participation, State Press Secretary Jason Maulucci stated it makes sense to focus on more than presidential elections. Apparently, the governor’s goal is to make voting as easy as possible.

Colorado, Washington, and Oregon already have their systems set to support mail-in voting entirely, and they have among the highest turnouts during elections. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, GOP legislators across the country have introduced more than 57 bills restricting voting by mail. Many have worried about this method compromising ballot integrity since the 2020 general election controversy.

There’s no word on how the Vermont governor plans to pay for the voting changes, but he stated a willingness to find a way. Time will tell if it actually happens.

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