Representative Anna Paulina Luna Makes Big Announcement

Representative Anna Paulina Luna Reveals She Is Pregnant

( – Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) announced on May 8 that she and her husband, who met when they were both in the Air Force, are expecting their first child. According to Time Magazine, Rep. Luna “would be only the 12th member of Congress to give birth while in office,” noting the small number in the 234-year history of the United States.

While that number is extremely low, women are now touting 28% representation in Congress, which is the largest portion in the history of the US, as reported by Pew Research Center earlier this year. With the average age of members of Congress decreasing, there is a higher chance that more lawmakers will be giving birth while holding a seat in Congress. Rep. Luna is the second Republican woman in the House to be pregnant in the last two years, joining Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., who had her first baby in 2021.

Rep. Luna is adamantly pro-life and has made her stance well known in the 118th Congress. She has used her position in the House to advocate for pro-life policies. Before being elected to Congress, she worked for Turning Point USA as the director of Hispanic Outreach, recruiting members of the Hispanic community to join the Republican Party. She was also one of a handful of lawmakers who initially opposed the nomination of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House but ultimately decided to vote in favor after many compromises were made.

Rep. Luna is 34 years old, as well as a member of the House Oversight Committee and the House Freedom Caucus. She has supported former President Donald Trump for many years and recently gave him her endorsement for a second term in the White House. She is expected to have her baby during August of 2023.

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