Rep Khanna Argues Biden Should Speak at More Press Conferences

Rep Khanna Says Biden Should Do More Pressers

( – On an appearance with Fox News on April 28th, 2023, Representative Ro Khanna, D-California, told Bill Hemmer that he believes President Joe Biden should have more press conferences, stating that “I think his staff overprotects him.” Khanna expressed his positive view of President Biden and his interactions with the public, saying that “the more he is out there, the better.” Hemmer cited a poll that showed that most Americans believe President Biden should hold more press conferences, which Rep. Khanna wholeheartedly agreed with.

During a press conference on April 26th, 2023, the day President Biden launched his 2024 campaign, he was reportedly holding what appeared to be a cheat sheet to help him identify and pronounce the name of a journalist from the Los Angeles Times, in addition to what appeared to be the question she would be asking him once called upon. Although not word for word, the journalist did ask a similar question about semiconductor manufacturing in the United States and how it would affect South Korea. After drawing scrutiny online, the LA Times denied any coordination between the journalist and the White House.

It is unknown what type of campaign President Biden will deploy for the 2024 Presidential Election, although most expect it to be vastly different than in 2020 when he did many online events and extremely small in-person events. His possible  opponent, former President Trump, has already hit the campaign trail, holding a rally in New Hampshire on April 27th, 2023, which is an early Republican primary state. Democrats have made last-minute modifications to their primary elections, moving the first to take place in South Carolina instead of New Hampshire, which has drawn criticism from one of his opponents, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He and Marianne Williamson, the other candidate on the Democrat ticket, also called out the Democratic National Committee for not scheduling any debates for the primary election, a move that they believe prevents voters from making an informed decision.

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