Rep. David Cicilline Reveals He’s Resigning From Congress

Democrat Representative David Cicilline To Resign From Congress

( – After over ten years of representing Rhode Island in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman David Cicilline, D-RI, is set to resign in June of 2023. Rep. Cicilline is most known for his role as impeachment manager during the second impeachment of former President Trump in 2021, as Democrats claimed that he incited an insurrection against the United States. In addition, Rep. Cicilline introduced legislation in 2022 to bar former President Trump from ever holding federal office again, citing the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, although his efforts fell short.

Congressman Cicilline will be leaving the House of Representatives to become the CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation, where he says he will continue to work to better the lives of the residents of Rhode Island. In a statement, he claims that this opportunity was unanticipated, stating that the position will offer the ability to have an “even more direct and meaningful impact” than his current position in the House of Representatives. Congressman Cicilline represents Rhode Island’s First Congressional District.

Rep. Cicilline came under scrutiny during the second impeachment of former President Trump for making statements about U.S. Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, that he said were false. Senator Lee objected to the claims and asked that they be stricken from the record. Regardless of Cicilline’s reason for leaving the House, he joins many colleagues who voted to impeach former President Trump in leaving Congress, whether they were ousted by an opponent, resigning, or opting not to seek re-election.

Rep. Cicilline’s resignation from the House will not affect the 222-213 Republican majority, as a new Democrat Representative from Virginia will be sworn in prior to his departure in June, according to Politico. The Congressman is currently serving on the Judiciary Committee as well as the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House.

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