Rep. Comer Alleges Witness Intimidation by Hunter Biden’s Attorneys

Rep. Comer Alleges Witness Intimidation by Hunter’s Attorneys

( – The House Oversight Committee has been conducting their investigation into what they believe to be influence peddling by members of the Biden family. Now, it’s been alleged that Hunter Biden’s attorneys are trying to intimidate witnesses who have agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Representative James Comer, R-Ky., detailed the development in an interview with Fox News on May 1st, 2023, telling host Sandra Smith that cooperating witnesses have reported phone calls from Hunter’s attorneys, claiming that the attorneys sought to intimidate by reminding the witnesses of “potential liability in some of these business schemes.” Rep. Comer has secured cooperation from Eric Schwerin, the former “moneyman” for the Biden family, as well as Kathy Chung, who was an executive assistant to then-Vice President Joe Biden, hired at Hunter’s recommendation.

Rep. Comer also claimed that the Democratic Party is attempting to intimidate members of Congress who are investigating the Biden family, but Rep. Comer says that “a lot of information is going to come forward” over the next several weeks that will help Americans understand the depth of the Biden family dealings. Back in March 2023, Rep. Comer was given access to the Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) by the Treasury Department after threatening to call an official from the department to testify on the delay of the SARs reports after months of waiting.

A Hunter Biden spokesperson reportedly admitted the president’s son had profited from the deal he made with a Chinese energy company after information from Rep. Comer’s investigation was discussed by the mainstream media. The spokesperson defended Biden’s right as a private citizen to engage in any business he chooses. However, Comer’s investigation seeks to determine whether Hunter was using his father’s name to secure this and other deals.

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