Record Number of American Workers Quit Jobs in July

Record Number of American Workers Quit Jobs in July

( – As the Delta variant surges amid an already tense populace, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded nearly 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July, setting the second-highest record number of resignations since April of this year.

The retail sector has been affected the most, witnessing the “largest proportional increase in quitting” throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These quit rate statistics showed an uptick in resignations from the prior month of June, but just barely under the highest record witnessed in April.

It appears the pandemic forced most citizens to either quarantine and stop working or to ramp up the work they already do, as well as to serve a purpose of analyzing whether they’re satisfied in their chosen career path or not.

While part of the increase may result from fears over the coronavirus’s Delta variant, a bigger contributing factor may lie in Americans re-evaluating their life choices. Citizens no longer want to work long hours for wages they can’t live on in jobs they don’t enjoy.

Instead, people are holding out for better wages and benefits and leaving jobs that no longer match life goals in favor of pursuing something more fulfilling that still pays the bills.

Nevertheless, there are now approximately 10.9 million job openings available to those seeking other types of employment, according to the Labor Department, which represent higher prospects and confidence in the labor market. Among these openings include the healthcare industry, finance and insurance industry, as well as the food services and accommodation industry.

Because the number of “now hiring” posters outpaces the total of unemployed persons in the US, unless companies adapt to worker needs and desires, those jobs will likely remain unfilled — even after the pandemic ends.

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