Record-Breaking Waves in Hawaii Raise Questions About Climate Change

Record-Breaking Waves in Hawaii Raise Questions About Climate Change

Disturbing New TREND Has Scientists Worried

( – On July 16, on the south shores of Hawaii, monstrous waves crashed upon the shore, disrupting events, flooding homes, and affecting businesses. The huge swells were over 20 feet high and raised alarming concerns about climate change. The National Weather Service said the occurrence was a combination of the rising level of the sea and a “strong south swell.”

The ocean waves unexpectedly interrupted a beachside wedding in Kailua-Kona when the water rose above the sea wall and spilled into the ceremony, taking out everything in its wake. A guest at the gathering, Sara Ackerman, described the scene as not “life-threatening” but “wild” nonetheless.

Meteorologist Chris Brenchley said the waves were a rare occurrence, and the biggest experts had seen in “several decades.” He also admitted Earth’s overall rising temperature is having an impact on the oceans. According to the National Ocean Service, the oceans are getting deeper by “about one-eighth of an inch” every year.

Reportedly, lifeguards and other rescue personnel saved over 1,900 people just on the Hawaiian island of Oahu on July 16 and 17. Officials said one surfer suffered from a serious injury.

Do you think the recent big waves in Hawaii are due to climate change, or would you attribute the incident to something different?

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