Rand Paul Reviews Dr. Fauci’s Pandemic Response: “Flat-Out Wrong”

Rand Paul Reviews Dr. Fauci's Pandemic Response:

(LibertySociety.com) – On March 23, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on a Fox News show, stating Dr. Anthony Fauci’s suggestion there may be more restrictions was “flat-out wrong.” Throughout the pandemic, the Kentucky politician and White House’s chief medical advisor have been locked in a mutual controversy. In a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, Fauci stated while he doesn’t anticipate more restrictions right now from a surge, people have to be “flexible” about the possibility.

The Senator’s Position

Paul stated the doctor “hasn’t been right” about anything during the pandemic, calling him a “menace.” He said anyone who believes what Fauci has to say should probably carry around a measuring stick, floor stickers, and Plexiglas to ensure a safe distance from others. Paul alleged that 95% of the population already has immunity either from the coronavirus itself or the vaccine, so there’s no need for any restrictions. He went a step further and said none of the measures suggested by the medical advisor worked.

Previous Interactions

During a Senate hearing in May 2021, Fauci and Paul argued about the origins of the coronavirus. The Kentucky legislator insisted there was evidence pointing to a lab in China as the origin point, although many scientists believe the virus originated in the animal population. At the meeting, Fauci denied any US funding went toward gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

However, in July 2021, at another Senate hearing, Paul accused Fauci of lying to Congress about gain-of-function research, stating the practice was conducted in China and backed by the US government through funding. Fauci denied the accusation, and the two had a heated exchange.

More Toe-to-Toe

The two argued again in January, with the doctor accusing the senator of personally attacking him and causing threats on his life. Fauci alleged because of the lies spread about him, he was not only being harassed and threatened, but his family was in danger as well. He also accused Paul of using his arguments and accusations against Fauci to fundraise. The senator fired back at the doctor, stating he tried to “take down” anyone who disagreed with him.

The Kentucky lawmaker’s statements criticizing Fauci are just some in a long line of animosity between the two public figures. In the end, Paul sees no reason for America to regress backward toward tyrannical measures like mandates and lockdowns. Hopefully, the country can continue to move forward toward normalcy in a post-pandemic world.

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