Ranchers Audited By IRS Share Unpleasant Experience

Ranchers Audited By IRS Share Unpleasant Experience

Ranchers Share HORRIFYING Details Of IRS Audit: “They Want To Get You”

(LibertySociety.com) – Thirteen years ago, Deborah and David Hajda experienced a stressful audit by the IRS. The rancher couple recently relayed a stern warning to the public about more tax enforcement after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The ranchers, who run the Raising Five Cattle Company in Texas, said middle-class America could face the same “invasive” process now that over 80,000 new agents will be joining the tax agency.

The Hajda’s told Dana Perino from “America’s Newsroom” that the IRS poured over every aspect of their lives for the prior three years leading up to the audit, even though they had receipts to back up their filings. In fact, the ranchers stated, the feds just “want to get you.”

During the year in question, the business owners needed to repair an ailing tractor, which caused a bump in the ranch’s claimed expenses. The jump triggered an audit, which prompted the visit. David Hajda suspected the agent was trying to “fill a quota,” considering they had the paperwork to back up the expenditures from that year.

Although the Biden administration claims the additional personnel and funding for the IRS will be to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, many aren’t buying it — including the ranchers from Texas. Some allege the agency will target the little guys who can’t afford to defend themselves in court.

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