Ramaswamy Confirms Campaign Is No Joke

(LibertySociety.com) – Although Vivek Ramaswamy is polling in the single digits, just as nearly all other Republican candidates besides former President Trump, he wants voters to know that he is a serious candidate. He has been politically active for many years, while also authoring books about corporate cronyism and woke corporations. He is a nationalist with the goal of putting America first, which rarely bodes well with establishment politicians.

Ramaswamy recently made an appearance on Fox News, where he defended his campaign, laughing off a claim from a journalist at The National Review who believes that he is “building a ginormous mailing list” rather than mounting a serious campaign for the Oval Office. Ramaswamy explained how he has put in millions of his own money to fund his campaign, and that he is running because he cares about the country, adding that “We are in the middle of a national identity crisis.” He believes America needs a candidate who is willing to be honest about controversial topics, such as gender, God, and fossil fuels. He believes that most Republicans and Democrats are scared to take a stand against arguments that are not based in reality.

Ramaswamy has also come to the defense of former President Trump regarding his indictment by the Department of Justice, vowing to pardon him if he is elected. He has challenged other candidates to do the same and has consistently called out the weaponization of the federal government. Although his campaign platform is very similar to former President Trump’s, he noted that he is further ahead in the polls than Trump was in 2016 at this point.

Ramaswamy wants to lead the Republican Party to “our vision of what it actually means to be an American today,” as he believes that many young people do not have the answer to that question. He also wants citizens of this nation to achieve the American dream, just as he has, by returning to the values that America was founded upon.

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