Ramaswamy Calls Hunter’s Indictment a Smokescreen

(LibertySociety.com) – A little over a month after Hunter Biden’s plea deal and diversion agreement fell apart in court, newly designated Special Counsel David Weiss indicted the President’s son with three felonies. While more charges are reportedly on the horizon, Weiss’s September 14 indictment was for Hunter Biden’s unlawful purchase of a firearm. Two of the charges were for making false statements to purchase the firearm, as the younger Biden lied on his application about his addiction to drugs. The third charge is for possessing a firearm while addicted to drugs.

The original deal would have allowed Hunter Biden to escape the gun charges if he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations. However, the judge’s discovery of broad immunity from future prosecution within the diversion agreement resulted in the deal blowing up. Just two weeks later, United States Attorney General Merrick Garland granted U.S. Attorney David Weiss Special Counsel status. Weiss requested all the pending charges against Hunter Biden to be dropped, with the intention of bringing them again in the future. Thus far, no new charges have been brought regarding the tax violations, but Weiss now has the authority to bring charges in other locations.

Entrepreneur and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy reacted to the news of the indictment on X, formerly known as Twitter. He wrote that the indictment was “a smokescreen” and advised his followers to refrain from falling for it. He went on to say that the real problem is that “the Biden family is selling out U.S. foreign policy for their own family’s private financial gain.” Ramaswamy is not alone in his opinion of the matter, as many Republicans are adamant that Hunter Biden, and potentially President Biden, should be charged with far more severe crimes. More information is likely to come out about the Biden family business dealings over the next several weeks during the impeachment inquiry of President Biden. However, it is unknown if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will bring an impeachment vote to the floor, or if there are enough Republicans convinced that he should be impeached.

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