Questions Linger Over F-35 Fighter Jet ‘Mishap’ in South Carolina

( – A social media firestorm ensued after an F-35 jet went missing in South Carolina on September 18 after the pilot ejected himself from the aircraft after a “mishap.” Users who are often critical of the military’s priorities scoffed at the idea that an entire jet could go missing.

However, Jeremy Huggins, a spokesperson for Joint Base Charleston, stated that the aircraft was running on autopilot when the pilot ejected, so it could have continued flying for quite some time before it crashed. Debris from the F-35 was finally located late in the evening, just two hours from Joint Base Charleston in Williamsburg County. The jet belongs to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, whose spokesperson said, “The mishap is currently under investigation.”

Huggins said that the base coordinated with the Navy, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Civil Air Patrol, as well as local law enforcement to help locate the aircraft. They initially searched around two lakes near the base but decided to cover more ground after seeing no sign of the F-35. The Marines are now investigating the mishap but declined to comment during the course of the investigation.

South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace appeared to be appalled at the news when she posted on X, formerly Twitter, asking, “How in the hell do you lose an F-35?” She went on, wondering why the jet was not equipped with a tracking device. She also criticized Joint Base Charleston for asking the public to help locate the aircraft. Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, warned that the Pentagon will lose more than the jet if they continue to fund abortion travel and attack Senator Tommy Tuberville for holding up military promotions.

Joint Base Charleston said that the pilot who was flying the jet was being evaluated at a local medical center but was in stable condition. A stand-down has been ordered and aviation commanders have begun a review of the agency, ensuring that the Marine Corps is ready for combat.

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