Putin ‘Self-Isolating’ Due to COVID-19

Putin 'Self-Isolating' Due to COVID-19

(LibertySociety.com) – With the coronavirus still circling the globe, it’s hard to imagine anyone this virus hasn’t affected in one way or another. In fact, COVID-19 has the potential to touch even the most well-protected leaders in the world because not only are they surrounded by staff, but they also need to continue conducting political business in the public sphere.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday he was found in close contact with employees who tested positive for the coronavirus. As a result, he decided to isolate himself, but it was clear the move was only a precaution, and he’s tested negative for COVID-19 so far.

Although Putin is fully vaccinated, only about 29.8% of the country has received the Sputnik V jab to date. Russia’s overall response to the pandemic varied over the last six months, from required closings for schools and businesses to no lockdown measures at all. However, the country has consistently kept its borders tight.

In September, reports from Russia showed over 18,000 new infections every day, and they re-issued restrictive measures and closures, including mask mandates.

Only time will tell if these measures will curtail the virus or if Putin develops illness symptoms. In the meantime, the president plans to continue conducting business using the technology at his disposal.

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