Putin Ally Says Russia And The West “Cannot Coexist”

(LibertySociety.com) – An ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and prominent Russian propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov, has stated that Russia and Western nations cannot have “mutual coexistence” during a recent radio show. The comments were heard during a translated video of Solovyov’s radio show posted on Twitter Nov. 6 by adviser to Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs Anton Gerashchenko. In the video, Solovyov discussed what he says is Russia’s long-running conflict with the West.

According to Gerashchenko’s translation, Solovyov stated that “the West is our enemy,” adding that “mutual coexistence” is not possible. He called on his fellow countrymen to be vigilant. He stated that as “they have done every century” the West “will try to destroy us.”

He said that they “should only act out of expediency.” He stated they “need to realize” that the West is the enemy. He added that there’s “no need to change their minds” and that they must “fight for minds. Not theirs, but ours.”

As the host of various political programs that are aired on Kremlin-controlled television and radio, Solovyov has previously made controversial statements. On his television show he stated that Germany eventually will exist “under a Russian flag.” In October, he stated that there would be a new world war with the West fighting against Muslims all over the world.

Solovyov has advocated multiple times over the course of the Russia and Ukraine war for Moscow to use its nuclear capabilities against the countries that support Ukraine. After the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant in March for Putin for alleged war crimes, Solovyov said a nuclear strike should be unleashed by the Kremlin on any country that would attempt to detain Putin.

In 2022, the U.S. State Department listed Solovyov as a major Russian propagandist and a key figure in disseminating the Kremlin’s narrative.  Solovyov is described by the State Department as maybe “the most energetic Kremlin propagandist around today.”

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