Protests ENGULF Communist Regime – Citizens Have Had Enough

Chinese Citizens Protest COVID Restrictions

Chinese Citizens Protest COVID Restrictions

( – COVID-19 is once again surging in China, three years into the pandemic. This has prompted the government to re-institute lockdown protocols and sparked widespread protests against the measures. The so-called “White Paper Revolution” is sending a message to the government: “Lift lockdown[s] for all of China.”

Tragically, the lockdowns caused the deaths of 10 people who perished in an apartment fire in Urumqi. The residents were locked inside their homes for months, and when the building went up in flames, reports say not only were the department dwellers barred from escaping in time but firefighters “were delayed getting in” to help. Many residents were understandably angered by the senseless deaths and decided no more.

Although cases across the Asian nation show about 40,000 people are coming down with the disease daily, residents of China have apparently had enough of the draconian antics. But the country doesn’t enjoy the same freedoms as those in the United States, and the Communist regime has proven it will do what’s necessary to “crush COVID” by any means possible — despite resistance. Some regions are even setting up containment camps to house the sick.

The Daily Mail reported citizens in a minimum of seven cities across the country are protesting the measures, and violence is breaking out between locals and the Chinese police. Many in China realize they are putting their lives and freedom in danger by merely protesting the restrictions.

What do you think of the zero-COVID policy in China?

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