Prosecutors Add Additional Counts to Trump’s Document Case

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted former President Trump again on July 27, adding 3 additional charges to the previous 37 that were brought on June 9. The Department of Justice (DOJ) also announced in a statement that Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos de Oliveira had been added to the charges in the original indictment. De Oliveira has been charged with allegedly giving false statements to the FBI during a January interview, in addition to conspiracy to obstruct justice and two counts of allegedly altering or destroying documents or objects. According to the indictment, De Oliveira asked an unknown Mar-a-Lago employee to delete footage from the security cameras in June 2022, claiming that the former president requested it be done.

Smith has slapped former President Trump with one additional count of willful retention of documents that contain national defense information, and two charges of allegedly altering or destroying documents or objects. In a Truth Social post, Trump expressed his disgust with Smith and the Biden administration, stating that the additional charges are just a way to try and “get someone other than Donald Trump to run against Crooked Joe Biden.” He also addressed the accusation that any security footage was deleted, stating, “MAR-A-LAGO SECURITY TAPES WERE NOT DELETED,” adding that he volunteered all the footage that was handed over to the DOJ.

Just two days after the new charges were brought, Trump held a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he again maintained his innocence. He blasted Smith, President Biden, and the DOJ for their efforts to interfere with the 2024 presidential election. He laid out all the evidence that has been brought to light by the Republicans who are investigating the Biden family business dealings and pointed out that voters are tired of inaction and are ready for President Biden to face impeachment charges. He also sent a warning to Republicans who refuse to do anything about Democrat corruption, threatening primary challengers.

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