Professor Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Tells What He Thinks Is Next

( – With former President Trump enjoying a commanding lead in the Republican primary polls, it is not hard to guess that he will ultimately be the Republican nominee, but predicting the winner of the general election is a whole different ballgame. Most polls show Trump and Biden within a few points of each other, although the former president has come out on top outside of the margin of error in a handful of the latest surveys, notably after he was indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith. With rumors of more charges forthcoming, he could see another uptick in support from those who believe he is being unfairly targeted by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

American University professor and historian Allan Lichtman is an expert when it comes to choosing the correct victor in the presidential election, using The Keys to the White House system that he co-developed, touting a successful prediction for nine of the last ten presidential races. His only failure was the 2000 presidential election, although his prediction was correct based on the popular vote. While Lichtman is highly critical of former President Trump, he believes that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not have what it takes to win the Republican nomination, labeling him as an “abysmal candidate.”

Lichtman blasted commentators who incorrectly define the 45th President as an outsider, stating that “Donald Trump is the mainstream,” adding that other candidates like Chris Christie are mainstream Republicans of yesteryears. Despite desperate attempts by establishment Republicans to revert the party to what it was before 2016, voters have made clear that they want former President Trump’s policies and personality to lead the party. Lichtman’s comments are in alignment with Trump’s declaration that the Republican Party will never return to its old ways. Lichtman also said that “the only way a DeSantis or a [Mike] Pence, or a Tim Scott” could win the nomination is if the Republican National Committee (RNC) engaged in shenanigans to disqualify him from his primary wins, suggesting they could resort to that if he is federally convicted.

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