Professional Athlete Antonio Brown Suspended For Faking Vaccine Card

Professional Athlete Antonio Brown Suspended For Faking Vaccine Card

( – As governments and corporations nationally and globally begin to enforce vaccination mandates, many people are trying to find their way around the rules. Some have gone so far as to use fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to pretend to comply with the law. When authorities catch them, they can face consequences. On December 2, the NFL announced they suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers football stars Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards for three games without pay for “misrepresenting their vaccination status.”

In the statement, the organization said it expects a “strict adherence” to the rules they have in place to ensure safety during practices and games during the pandemic.

Brown’s attorney claims his client is vaccinated, “continues to support the vaccine,” and is anxious to return to the field.

The football players aren’t the only ones faking papers to skirt the law. A registered nurse in South Carolina, Tammy McDonald, created fake vaccination cards for family members who chose not to vaccinate. Although she has her vaccinations, she could serve 15 years in prison for falsifying records.

Another woman, Chloe Mrozak, used phony vaccination credentials in August to board a flight to Hawaii and avoid quarantine. Police arrested her. She faces a substantial fine and up to a year in prison. Clearly, there are severe consequences for faking legal documents.

The NFL will likely do everything possible to ensure the football players comply with the rules before returning to practice.

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