Portland Police Quit Riot Squad After Fellow Officer Indicted

Portland Police Quit Riot Squad After Fellow Officer Indicted

(LibertySociety.com) – Portland police officers have been taking a lot of abuse over the last year. The city experienced more than 100 nights of riots in 2020 alone. The Portland Police Department’s riot squad (Rapid Response Team) was in the middle of it all, but now, dozens of officers have left.

On Thursday, June 24, the Portland Police Department revealed a group of roughly 50 police officers disbanded the Rapid Response Team (RRT) after the indictment of one of the officers. The district attorney charged Officer Corey Budworth with a misdemeanor after an independent journalist accused him of assault. According to the Seattle Times, a video of the altercation shows a police officer using his baton on a woman named Teri Jacobs.

The police union representing the officer defended his actions last summer, saying Jacobs was “interfering with a lawful arrest” when she was pushed out of the way by Budworth.

Portland Police Lieutenant Jacob Clark told Fox News that the mass resignations were a “long time coming.” He explained the officers wanted to leave the riot squad in the fall, but the police chief said they would address the problems. The indictment of one of their team members was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” Clark explained.

Police across the country are facing similar problems. While the Left demonizes them, they try to do everything they can to keep their neighborhoods safe, and sometimes, as in this case, they pay dearly for it.

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