Popular Comedian Attacked During Stage Performance in LA

Popular Comedian Attacked During Stage Performance in LA

Top Comedian Suffers Brutal Attack By Someone Who Can’t Take a Joke

(LibertySociety.com) – On May 3, while performing his comedy routine on stage in Los Angeles, California, a man attacked performer Dave Chappelle. The comedian is currently on his “Netflix Is A Joke” tour, stopping to perform at the Hollywood Bowl. A video of the incident shows a man jumping on stage to try and tackle Chappelle as he was doing his standup bit.

The performer remained on stage handling the assault like a pro in the spirit of, the show must go on. He also voiced his appreciation for the security members who protected him. The suspect attacked Chappelle after he made jokes about the transgender community, prompting the comedian to lament the attacker must have been trans himself.

He told the audience about having to increase his security due to the content of his routine causing an uptick in personal threats. Authorities also found a person in the audience in possession of a gun and knife and arrested him on the spot.

When fellow comedian Chris Rock heard of the incident, he jokingly asked if Will Smith was in the audience, referencing the slap heard around the world at the Oscars recently. Unphased, Chappelle will continue his comedic tour.

With all the assaults against comedians lately, one has to wonder if the world can still take a joke.

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