Pope Says Ukraine Crisis Is the Beginning of WWIII

Pope Says Ukraine Crisis Is the Beginning of WWIII

WWIII Rumors Get Reality Shove As Pope Francis Addresses The World

(LibertySociety.com) – On May 19, Pope Francis declared during an interview with editors from La Civiltà Cattolica that World War III has begun. The Italian Jesuit media source posted content from the interview on June 14 with the Holy See, where he wonders what is happening with humanity because the world is seeing the third world war in about 100 years.

The pope doesn’t see the war in Ukraine as a simple case of good guys against bad guys. He said the background leading to the conflict is much more complex. In fact, the Catholic leader said he met with a head of state months before Russia invaded Ukraine. He said war was brewing because NATO was playing too close to the Russian border, and they wouldn’t tolerate the movements for too long.

However, Pope Francis said Russia underestimated the tenacity and bravery of the Ukrainian people, which led to the ongoing conflict today. He called for everyone to open their hearts to the Ukrainians who had to flee their war-torn country.

The pope admitted there had been long-standing conflict in the region but said the reason the current war in Ukraine has elevated to world war status is that Russia is a “superpower,” trying to force its will on the Ukrainian people. The world, seeing its own reflection in the war, is largely rallying behind Ukraine.

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