Pope Francis Apologizes After Mass Graves Found at Schools

Pope Francis Apologizes After Mass Graves Found at Schools

Pope Francis APOLOGIZES For Discovered Mass Graves 

(LibertySociety.com) – On July 25, Pope Francis gave a speech before the Indigenous population in Alberta, Canada, during his visit to the recently discovered mass graves. The Holy See asked for forgiveness from the community, apologizing for the “evil committed” by his fellow Christians of the past. The church leader spoke about how the “forced assimilation” destroyed cultures, leading to the deaths of countless children.

According to reports, the Canadian government ripped over 150,000 native kids from their parents’ arms and placed them into Residential Schools to “Christianize” them. Sadly, the youngsters were abused, neglected, and stripped of their very identities. In 2021, around 1,000 children’s remains were found in mass graves near these schools in Kamloops and Saskatchewan.

Pope Francis was met with applause for his humble words of sorrow over the monstrous policy that ruined the lives of so many. Following his speech, Indigenous chiefs presented the holy leader with a feathered headdress and welcomed him into their community.

The visit was the first on a week-long tour across Canada to pray and ask that members of the Cree nation of today forgive the Church for their sins of the past.

Do you think what the government and religious community did to these children and families deserves forgiveness?

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