Polling Indicates RFK Jr.’s Popularity On The Rise

(LibertySociety.com) – Following his recent switch to running as an Independent in the 2024 presidential election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is enjoying a boost in the polls. While he has been the candidate with the highest favorability for many months, the party switch has shifted more attention in his direction. Running as a Democrat was hindering Kennedy’s campaign and limiting his exposure. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided a long time ago that they would not hold primary debates, which is typical for an incumbent president. Kennedy will get more airtime as an Independent.

Democrats and Republicans appear to be concerned that Kennedy would spoil their candidates’ chance of winning the White House. During a recent event following his announcement to switch Parties, Kennedy commented on their fears. “The truth is, they’re both right,” Kennedy stated, because he intends to win the presidency. The Republican National Committee (RNC) and former President Trump’s campaign released strong statements following Kennedy’s switch. They cautioned voters about his disingenuous conservatism, pointing out his voting record and various Democratic beliefs Kennedy has expressed in recent years.

A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris survey showed a 19 percent net favorability for Kennedy, with Trump and Biden coming in at +3 and -4, respectively. The same poll showed that Trump would prevail in a three-way race, six percentage points ahead of President Biden. Kennedy recently blasted mainstream media outlets for labeling him as a “long-shot candidate.” He has received criticism from Democrats and the media for his stance on taking vaccines that have not been properly studied. He wrote a book about Dr. Anthony Fauci that he says paints an honest picture of the dominant voice during the pandemic.

Republicans and right-leaning media outlets have applauded Kennedy for his fearlessness when confronting big pharma and the so-called military-industrial complex. He is running as an anti-establishment populist candidate, which has always been former President Trump’s platform. The RNC is confident that voters will see through Kennedy’s purported conservatism, and that the winner of the Republican primary will become the next President of the United States.

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