Police Protected After Governor Signs New Bill

Police Protected After New Order by Republican Governor

(LibertySociety.com) – Democrats around the country have been pushing hard to defund the police. City councils in Portland, Minneapolis, and other major cities have done just that. However, multiple cities and counties in one state are safe from the movement now after one Republican governor signed critical legislation.

On May 7, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 286 to prevent cities from reducing police budgets by more than 5%. It also requires the state and local governments to provide insurance that’ll protect law enforcement from legal and civil actions brought on by their behavior while on the job. The new law comes as Athens-Clarke County and Atlanta have considered defunding their police forces but haven’t moved forward with the plans.

House Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones (R) applauded the legislation, saying it will keep Georgia’s “communities and families safe.” At the very least, it lets police officers know that lawmakers in their state have their backs.

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