Police Knew About the Parade Shooter Before the Event

Police Knew About the Parade Shooter Before the Event

Parade Shooter’s Past Comes Back To Bite Police BIG TIME

(LibertySociety.com) – Following the deadly shooting in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4, Lake County Sergeant Chris Covelli revealed police knew the shooter may be a “clear and present danger” to himself or others from an incident years earlier. Despite red flag laws in the state, Robert E. Crimo III was able to purchase several firearms shortly after two run-ins with the cops in 2019 should’ve popped on his background check and prevented him from owning a gun.

After announcing on July 5 that the shooter was charged with seven counts of murder, Illinois State Attorney Eric Rinehart stated there should be a nationwide ban on assault rifles. He also talked about red flag laws, saying they’re strict and effective in the Prairie State. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Crimo.

In 2019, police responded to an emergency call where the suspect reportedly attempted suicide and threatened to kill his family. Although officers confiscated many knives from the scene, Crimo did not own a firearm at the time, and with no complaining witness, the case was closed and the knives returned.

Since there were no notes on his record, nothing prohibitive appeared during his background check just a few months later. He was then able to buy multiple guns, one of which was reportedly the murder weapon.

Sadly, the red flag law in Illinois didn’t stop the shooting, which begs the question: Are these laws effective at all?

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