Plus-size Influencer Wants Larger Hallways at Hotels

( – TikTok influencer Jaelynn Chaney is determined to force the travel industry to revamp and remodel to accommodate larger guests. Just three months after posting a video blasting airlines for forcing people who take up two seats to pay for two seats, Chaney is now suggesting that hotels should widen their hallways. 

But she did not stop there. Chaney said that hotels need to install larger elevators, higher toilets, and detachable shower heads for large people to bathe properly. Chaney said that the travel industry should be a “more accessible, accepting, accommodating place for all.” She went on to say “The needs of plus-sized travelers matter” as much as the needs of non-plus-sized travelers. 

Chaney also said that hotels should provide better pool-side lounging chairs that are comfortable and sturdy enough for plus-sized guests. She said that the pools should have handrails for plus-sized guests to hold onto when entering and exiting. She also recommended that staff members be required to participate in training that would educate them about how to respectfully treat and understand plus-sized guests in order to provide appropriate accommodations. While Chaney has not started a petition for this endeavor as she did when demanding change from the Federal Aviation Administration, she is determined to see her ideas come to fruition. 

Chaney was met with support from TikTok users who thought that she had a valid point, but also received a few brutally honest responses. Some people recommended that she try and lose weight to change her body instead of demanding an entire industry change. Others were more direct, telling her a cheaper way to solve the problem would be for her to stop eating so much. One plus-sized female responded to Chaney’s post, saying that she would never make such demands of hotels or airports because of her personal choice to eat more than she should. However, Chaney is not alone when it comes to complaints about plus-sized accommodations on airlines, as it has been a widely discussed topic for many years. Chaney has built up a large following on TikTok, with nearly 135,000 followers. 

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