Piers Morgan Viewership Crashes Following Controversial Deception

Piers Morgan Viewership Crashes Following Controversial Deception

Piers Morgan’s Career Crumbles After Aired Trump Interview

(LibertySociety.com) – After Piers Morgan released a deceptive 30-second promo clip of his interview with former President Donald Trump, TalkTV aired the actual interaction, and viewership dropped over 70% in just 3 days. In the edited promo for his show “Uncensored,” producers made it appear that the former US leader walked away in a huff. In reality, the interview ended normally, and the deceptive editing was simply to bring in a larger audience.

Unfortunately for Morgan and his new show, the plan backfired.

The interview itself brought in a wide viewership, just as the promotion intended; around 400,000. When the public realized it had been misled, it stopped tuning in. On the second day of “Uncensored,” Morgan only had about half his audience. By the time day three came around, those watching the program dropped to merely 123,000.

A media strategist from Breitbart News commented he wasn’t sure what Morgan thought would happen when trying to fool the public, knowing the truth would prevail. He stated the host “lost all credibility,” and it might cost him the whole show.

Only time will tell if “Uncensored” will recover from the intentional blunder of trying to embarrass the former president and paint him in an unfavorable light.

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