Pierce Brosnan’s RFK Jr. Support Sparks Fan Fury

(LibertySociety.com) – Democratic 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. created a social media firestorm on September 21 when he posted a photo of himself and famous actor Pierce Brosnan at a campaign event. “Two Irishmen at the Kennedy for President fundraiser on Point Dume last night,” wrote Kennedy. The post received a mixture of positive and negative comments. Some users expressed their disappointment with Brosnan, likening him to a traitor. Other users were excited to see the pair together, making references to Brosnan’s acting role as James Bond.

Brosnan became a United States citizen back in 2004 and has supported several Democratic candidates, including John Kerry and former President Barack Obama. He also congratulated President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris after they secured their place in the White House in 2020. Brosnan was one of many celebrities who threatened to leave the country in 2016 if then-candidate Donald Trump won. However, three years in, Brosnan said that Trump’s presidency was “very good” for the economy of the United States.

Brosnan has not publicly stated why he is backing Kennedy, but it appears that he believes Kennedy can do a better job than President Biden. Polling shows that most voters who came out for Biden in 2020 aim to do so in 2024, but Kennedy has captured the attention of many during these early days of the primary election season. While he faces an uphill battle, Kennedy has not been deterred from sharing his platform across the country.

Famous singer and songwriter Eric Clapton is also campaigning for Kennedy. During a Los Angeles fundraiser on September 18, Clapton helped rake in $2.2 million for Kennedy’s campaign and a Kennedy Super PAC. He and his band performed multiple songs for the attendees. Kennedy also received an endorsement from actor Woody Harrelson, who posted a picture of himself in a Kennedy 2024 hat alongside Kennedy’s wife, Cheryl Hines, who is also a famous actress.

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