Photo Leaks Of Hunter Biden Driving 170mph

( – The last few weeks of June were quite controversial for the Biden family, as news of Hunter Biden’s plea agreement became public. Many believed the deal was merely a slap on the wrist for the younger Biden. It provoked massive backlash since the public became aware of explosive whistleblower testimony from the House Ways and Means Committee.

The whistleblowers detailed how the Department of Justice (DOJ) interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden, preventing charges from being brought against him in California and Washington D.C. The whistleblowers’ claims directly contradicted the promise from Attorney General Merrick Garland that U.S. Attorney David Weiss would be free to take the case in any direction that he was led.

Now the month of July is not going so well for the image of the Biden family, as photographs from Hunter Biden’s laptop were released, with one showing his speedometer clocking him at 172mph as he was on his way to meet up with prostitutes at a hot tub party in Las Vegas. Another photo of him smoking crack cocaine while driving also made the rounds on social media, prompting users to speculate about their punishment for doing such a thing. Text messages from Hunter’s laptop provide more insight into his high-speed adventure to Sin City, with a prostitute named Cheryl complaining that she doesn’t have the money to buy a bathing suit, telling Hunter Biden, “I’m just going to have to be naked, right?”

The details of Hunter Biden’s dangerous and salacious activities were revealed just days before the White House was evacuated after a white powder which was later determined to be cocaine, was found in the West Wing. There is mixed reporting on the matter, as radio chatter revealed the substance was found in the library, which is not accessible to tourists, but the Secret Service and the media reported it was found in a working area where guests and staff are allowed to enter. Many have speculated that the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden, who was staying at the White House up until he left for Camp David just two days before the discovery.

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