Photo Leaks From Obama’s Birthday Party Reveal Maskless Guests

Photo Leaks From Obama's Birthday Party Reveal Maskless Guests

( – On Saturday, August 7, Former President Obama celebrated his 60th birthday with about 200 of his closest family and friends — despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the United States.

Although he “scaled down” the bash from over 700 people, it was still a celebrity-packed event. In fact, local police had issues directing heavy traffic as the festivities broke for the night on Martha’s Vineyard. A ban on photography during the event kept images to a minimum. But rare leaked pictures from Obama’s birthday showed maskless guests.

The stills also show the party was outside, and sources say strict COVID safety measures and mandatory testing were in place for all in attendance.

Despite the precautions and the custom masks readily available, critics say the liberal elites aren’t following their own rules. There were a few hundred people at the mansion in close proximity.

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said of the event, “Rules for thee and not for me.”

During a pandemic, the responsible thing to do is to practice an abundance of caution no matter what you have to celebrate. After all, Americans across the US have made personal sacrifices every day since the beginning of 2020 and continue to do so throughout 2021, regardless of the occasion.

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