Philadelphia Mayor Suggests the US Should Restrict Guns Like Canada

Philadelphia Mayor Suggests the US Should Restrict Guns Like Canada

Top Politician Calls For New Restrictions On Gun Ownership

( – In response to the shootings that took place over the July 4 weekend, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mayor Jim Kenney (D) told reporters in America, only police should have guns — similar to what he says Canada does (which isn’t even true). He made the statement following the attack that left two police officers injured. The city leader said he recently took a trip to the neighboring country to the north and didn’t once think “about a gun” because he knew people weren’t walking around with them. As a mayor in America, Kenney says he has to worry about gun violence “every single day.”

The Philadelphia leader said he was “heartbroken” by the violence on Independence Day in his own city and in Highland Park, Illinois, which led to seven dead and dozens injured.

Kenney told reporters he looks forward to the day he steps down as mayor because he won’t have to constantly worry about something over which he has no control. He said if he had the power to take guns away from citizens and only have police carry them, he would. However, the mayor said Congress won’t allow it to happen, and he worries the legislature has been too lenient when it comes to gun control. Although America is the “most armed country,” Kenney said it’s the least safe in the world. Sadly, he sees no end to the issue.

Do you think the mayor has a point? Should the United States arm only police officers to quell the ongoing violence among its citizens?

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